Me !


My name is Kavya Suresh which is fairly obvious I think by the blog’s name but then again humans are known to state the obvious facts again and again. Statements about the weather or how something looks have been often stated to break the ice and start a conversation. So yeah, I am just doing that now. Breaking the ice (Screen) between you and me. I am from India, A country of  many cultures, seasons and cuisines.

What am I?

Human. 😛

I am also what you call an adult child who is happy with small things,dreams big and has to deal with a lot of  adult responsibilities.Oh and I am completing my under-graduation this year and I am absolutely clueless as to what to do next.

What do I like?

I love to travel, read books, eat delicious food and have good conversations.I love the Harry Potter world especially Marauders Era. I enjoy sitcoms, romcoms and classics.

I LOVVVE strong, hot Coffee, long walks on the beach and the smell of sand when it rains. I love the idea of love. I love a lot of things. There is a huge list and the list just grows bigger as I grow older.

What do I want to do ?

I want to be able to inspire people in someway. In what way? I don’t know. I will find out soon. I guess.

Who inspires me?

  • Biz Stone
  • Indra Nooyi
  • J.K.Rowling
  • John Green
  • Tyler Oakley

What is this blog going to be about ?

The things that I like or experience. Basically me.

Why should you read about me?

Well we are all a part of one big cosmic story and all of humanity is a compilation of mysteries. This blog is going to help unveil one such mystery:  Me?!

That’s about all that you should know about me.For now.



P.S. Have a great week


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