What to do next?


I have been quite hopeless recently. I have literally no clue as to what to do next, though like a fictional character, Augustus waters says I want to be remembered.I want my name to be etched in gold which stands the test of time. I want to Inspire people to do what they love to do the most. I want to travel the world, fall in love with myself, I want to be happy, make others happy. Sometimes I even want to end world hunger and illiteracy.

The things I want and dream about seems so big at times but sometimes very attainable. These dreams or rather visions are the milestones I want to set for my life but the thing is I do  not know what path to take to achieve these milestones.

I am quite uncertain as to what to do next. The immediate next. When I completed my final grade in school, I was clueless and had no idea about where I was going to join for my college education. I knew I wanted to do science but did not have an idea as to which place I was going to do it or which course per se. Now looking back it all seems so simple and easy. I remember listening to Steve Jobs say “The dots always connect looking back.”

Yet again, I have to choose the next path as to where to further study, what to study or whether I should work. I am utterly confused but I have hope. I hope the dots are connected when I look back at this in few years.

I hope your dots connect too…Beautifully.Uniquely.


Kavya Suresh.

P.S. There is a link to Steve Jobs’ commencement address. Check it out if you have not.


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