At my worst.

I wanted to keep this blog of mine very positive but life as you all know has ups and downs. I want to share or rather let both my ups and downs be known to all my readers and myself in the future. A lot has been spoken about over-thinking these days. Here is my experience doing the same.

Thinking as most of us know is an extremely useful activity. It helps us decide, solve and experience things in a better way but over-thinking means thinking  more than necessary and is most definitely not something to be done. Its like a disorder. It might sometime even lead to depression. As most of you might have already guessed, I over-think a lot. I do it for everything. This habit, yes it has become a bad habit now, has caused a lot of previously non existent problems to arise. I dream of something and then I think about it, more than required that I begin to regret it. This sort of makes me think negatively about everything. this makes me despise me. It makes me compare myself to others, sometimes even my best friends. I feel like a loser,when compared to them. I start thinking about how bad I look, how dumb I am, how I may be annoying others by simply existing. This feeling does go away for sometime but returns rather frequently.

If any of you are going through the same thing,I hope you have the strength to keep fighting these negative thoughts. During this period of my over-thinking,when I am conscious that I am thinking more than needed, I distract myself. I read books, watch a movie or YouTube videos ( I am attaching one of my favorite videos that I see when I feel sad, watch it if you haven’t already), I go for a walk. Sometimes I talk to my friends too..  It might help some of you to talk to your friends but most of the times, for me its counterproductive because they can sympathize for you but not empathize. I don’t think I need sympathy and neither should you.  I suggest take time for yourself and do things your way.

Keep fighting. Be Positive.




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