Behind the screen.

I was thinking about something yesterday. I thought I would share with you people.

As you all have probably realized at some point in life, all of us are human. None of us have any special super powers. we are all almost the same. This is what makes us unique in a weird way. We care about one another. We have these emotions that we experience and express. It is so beautiful.

In this age of technology, when you are sitting behind the screen and not in front of the person, you tend to forget that the person on the other side is human too.This person is experiencing the same emotions that you are, most of the times more than what you are experiencing.So what do you do, when you forget about this person? You openly critique them. Even critiquing is okay but you start abusing them. Calling them names, describing them in a profane way, sometimes we even call them something based on their race or sexuality.You do not realize how it may affect the mental health of the person in turn even the physical health. We just go on and on without a care. We wouldn’t like it when we face such cyber bullying, but why do we do it to others?

Some of us cyberbully the celebrities. We reason it out by claiming that these people are deserving of your rude opinions and they shouldn’t be in the show business if they can’t handle these comments. Just because somebody is an actor or is famous for something, it doesn’t give you the right to call somebody names and rude things now,does it?


All that said, some of us are extremely sweet. We defend each other. We try to put an end to the negativity by giving positive view points. These are the kind of people who understand there is some one alive behind the screen. These are the people who are humane towards one another. These are the people,we all should respect.

So yes,

Be human.

Even when you are masked and hidden behind the screen, Be Human!




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