I was just thinking yesterday about this omnipresent super power that some of us seem to believe in. I have grown from being a theist to an atheist and now I am agnostic. The idea of god though giving hope in some sense seems like a fantasy to me. A fantasy that I wish to be true.

Some times I am deeply baffled by the fact that we are merely point sized objects when compared to the vast universe. Its very funny to think about the fact that we are on a spinning ball that has another ball spinning around it and this whole system is revolving around a very hot spinning ball along with other balls.

So during this thought process I thought about a theory.

I think Einstein was right in some aspects that god does not play dice, but what if he is playing with the lego blocks instead (the advanced version)? What if we are the pieces in his lego creation?

When I shared this thought process to my friend, she found the idea very beautiful. She added saying,what if gods are taking part in a competition with one another, this universe is just a creation of one god and there are multiple universes created by other gods.

Lego God 2What if we are a part of this competition, what if we are the first prize winners? what if we are the most advanced creations? what if we are not the most advanced and there is a universe or two with better creatures in them, more intelligent than us ? what if our god gets bored of looking at his/her creation (us) and decides to break it and start again from the beginning? What if there are different levels in this creation, a lower level for all his/her not so favorite creations (Hell) and a upper level for the favorite ones (heaven) ?

So many questions.. So many possibilities.



P.S. let me know what you think 🙂


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