Note to self

You are going to be okay. You don’t need anybody else to tell you that. You are going to do what you want to do.You are going to live your dream.

Go to places that you want to go to. Eat what you want to eat. Go for a walk. Run. Go to a coffee shop alone, with a book or your laptop.. read, write. Go for a movie alone. Walk along the seashore, stare at the endless water, don’t give a damn if people call it cliched. You don’t have to worry about other’s opinion. Nobody really cares about you (Except your parents). They have their lives to worry about.

Best friends will become strangers, people whom you never thought you would speak to might become your best friends, a random person you meet, might be your soul mate. Take chances. Fall in love. Be in love.Your heart will be broken, but heart is not made up of glass, it is very strong…Hold on, for time heals all wounds.

Keep learning. learn widely. You never know when, what might help you. Dance,even if you don’t know how to. Sing loudly without any care, even if others consider you tone deaf.Its okay..Sing. Learn to play an instrument, its a wonderful experience, you know it. Learn a new language. It might help you understand different cultures and get to know different people.

Get rich. Fair and square.Work hard to get rich. Then give most of it away. Start over from the scratch as often as you can. Its thrilling and humbling.

Travel the world. Alone. It helps you learn a whole lot about the world and yourself.

Remember people are wrong when they say you are not the center of the universe and universe doesn’t revolve around you. You are the center of your universe. You are important. very important. This means that the others are important too. In their universes. Let them be. Do not compare your universe with theirs.


Laugh loudly, Smile often, Just be happy.

Most of all be You.




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