When I was speaking to a friend about my blog she said you should write about the importance of the thumb finger as we cannot text with such an ease without the thumb. Though it seems like a rather peculiar thing to write about, I thought it through.

This thought process made me want to write about how blessed we are. Some of us have every body part fully functional, some of us have most of our body parts functional. Each one of us has an ambition in life, Even if we don’t we have something that keeps us going. I think that is amazing.

Most of the time I don’t realize how rich I am (though I don’t have a lot of green paper 😛 ) , I have somebody to care for me, I have a roof over our head and most of all I have life. As Stephen hawking said ” Where there is life, there is hope”. There is hope to do something in this world, hope for love, hope for happiness.

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Life is a blessing y’all. We just need to realize it, remind ourselves often that we are alive in this wonderful world. Some of us have the voice to share our opinion;some of us have legs to walk, run and dance; some of us have hands  to write, paint and express; Some of us have eyes to see the stars, the quirky laugh of a new born child, flowers, trees, everything but most of all we have a heart, a healthy beating heart to go on with life.

I know, all of us have problems to cope with, we have so much to worry about, there is so much confusion and uncertainty about the future. We have all lost something or someone who is valuable to us. We have faced pain and sorrow. We might even be experiencing it right now. Through it all, I hope you remind yourself.

Just remind yourself, Everyday if possible.

We are Alive.

We have hope.

We are Blessed!


Someone with thumbs to text.

P.S. Have a great week y’all.


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