I watched a movie yesterday called “Julie and Julia” because one of my friends had asked me to. She told me it was about blogging with a lot of food involved.What a beautiful movie it was!

Both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams have killed it in the movie.The way two stories has been interwoven and told, was beautiful. If y’all haven’t watched it yet,go watch it now!

One particular dialogue is stuck in my head where Julia child says with full passion and exasperation “All I think about all day is fooood!” (I think she was my soul mate.)

download (2)

I admire people who make good food and this movie just made me fall in love with food a little bit more.

I am passionate about food but I am usually a very accommodating person. I don’t complain about the taste of the food much at home or in restaurants but I appreciate a well-cooked supper now and then. I appreciate the garnishing, the warmth of the food, the sprinkled spice, the gooey cheese on my lasagna.( I love my Italian.)

It has always been on my bucket list, to travel the world and experience the native cuisines around the world.

When I went to Singapore recently under the grace of my amazing dad, we visited the hawker centers. Boy was it amazing. The thrill of sitting in a bustling area, with the strong smell of food in the air, in presence of a different culture altogether. It was beautiful. People there are beautiful and ever smiling.

The food there is delicious.

I tasted my first scallops there. I had forgotten how trying something new felt like. The slight fear that comes with trying something new and the joy of doing it, it was wonderful. It also rekindled my dream of travelling for food which I hope to do some day.

Hope is all I live by.



P.S. let me know what you are passionate about in the comments. 🙂


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