A lot of people I know wanted me to write about friendship.

I don’t feel secure writing about such a simple topic and I am not completely sure why.

Friendship, according to me is a bond that is not bound by blood. Friendship is being in love with somebody without having any sexual intent or desire.
Friendship is loyalty. Friendship is trust and trusting.

Friendship is something I yearn for. Friendship is good guidance. Friendship is caring. It is honesty. It is respecting one another. Wishing the other person well.

Friendship is comradeship.

Friendship is not sacrifice. It is not compromise. Friendship is not about who loves who more. It is an equal relationship unlike the others.

In love, you are not supposed to expect anything, you are supposed to be willing to give all that you can and it is okay to not receive any but friendship is not like that. In friendship, you can expect. You should expect infact. You should expect honesty, loyalty, sharing , caring and even loving you back.

If you give all of it and you don’t receive it back, change your friend. Trust me. It does you a great deal of good to be around people you love but a  great deal more to be around people who love you just as much.

I have loved. I have loved a lot of people so far in life. More than a dozen have been my friends. I have not always expected. It has thought me a lot of lessons.

Now, I still love people and now people love me back because this time around I expect people to love me back. I expect and that’s what I get. If I don’t get I direct my love elsewhere. It might seem selfish but it is not.

We must all remember that from birth to death, the only thing that is constant in our lives is us. We are important. So we make friends who make us feel good. We ensure that they feel good in return.

I love my friends especially my best friend. He has been a constant support in my life, my pillar to lean on. Like all friends we have fought, argued and even not spoken to each other but we have always been there for each other as friends.

I know you are reading this dad, I know you are wondering who this ‘he’ is now, It will always be you dad.




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