Hi y’all.

I am back from my vacation and I am angry.

I know what y’all are thinking having seen the title of this blog. You think being a woman in her youth; I am going to talk about empowering women in third person because somebody had wronged me.

You are wrong. I am going to talk about what bullshit the concept of some third person empowering someone is; be it a woman or a man.

Who are you to empower me? When did I give you the right to do so?

I am capable of empowering myself, thank you very much and I think every woman out there is capable of empowering herself.

My grandpa used to tell me that early human beings, Neanderthals I suppose, were nomadic. That period, where humans were on the move, the women in the cult were in charge. They were given the responsibility of making the next move. They were the leaders. What a glorious period that must have been eh?

Then agriculture was invented but women were still the responsible ones, who preferred staying put and working.

Somehow things changed, men got possessive and wanted to know which child was their own, they started drawing boundaries and claiming the right to one woman. A civilized move, I should say.
Then came the era of invasions were one clan robbed the other by killing. This was the era where women were taken by force and kept capture. This was the era were oppression started.

It hasn’t ended yet. It has taken different forms, It has even given the false sense of security and there are self-proclaimed heroes who want to empower the damsels in distress.

It is high time though, that these self-proclaimed heroes realize women can help themselves and only women can empower themselves.



P.S. I will write about what I did on my vacation as promised, soon.

Hope y’all have a great week.

P.P.S This video made my day, watch it 🙂


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