Yellow balloons and red umbrellas

Hi y’all.

I recently went on a trip to a place called Kodaikanal. It is a city in the hills of a district called Dindugal in the state of Tamil Nadu which is located in the south of India. If you don’t know where India is then I would appreciate it if you could take an atlas and locate it. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Speaking of my vacation, It was absolutely wonderful. We visited two ancient temples on the way to this hill station and one of which was built before pralayam. (Its the Sanskrit word for apocalypse.You know, the period when Noah built an ark to save lives.)

These temples are an architectural amazement. It gives you such a feeling of wonder that people ages ago had the creativity and the strength to build such beautiful sculptures and vast structures.It sort of gives you hope that every body is capable of something even the people who are devoid of resources and latest technology, can create.

I stayed two days in ‘Kodaikanal’ which is a rather peculiar name with so many meanings. One of the meanings being the ‘gift of the forest’. I find this etymology the most apt one because it was one hell of a gift for my family and me.

We are frequent visitors to this  place, so we didn’t do anything new but this time around it was raining  through out the day. I had written about the beauty of rain earlier but rain also causes inconvenience. You can’t go sight seeing to all the places that you want because of land slides’ warning and slippery roads. This didn’t stop us though from walking around this beautiful lake. The Kodaikanal lake has a perimeter of about 5-7 km and there are several boat houses for you to use, there are row boats and paddle boats for you to ride and enjoy.

We went on a row boat one drizzly evening. It was an impeccable sight. If you have ever seen drops of water falling on a vast expanse of a water body, you have seen heaven and if there are water lilies and lotuses around along with different kinds of trees on  the border of the water body with you on a boat in the middle of all this, Welcome to paradise.

I was in company of a bunch of family friends in Kodaikanal amidst two children of about 10 years (one of which is my brother by blood) and a 18 year old boy who I have always looked at as my first brother (from another mother).We had lot of fun these two days.

I bought a new friend, a yellow balloon. It is remarkable how entertaining a helium balloon is. I also realized that I love the color yellow, this trip.

My yellow friend.

We played air hockey, table tennis, carom, chess and went cycling around the lake.

I also realized that I still find balloons and bubbles as a matter of immense excitement. Some may call it not being mature, I call it liking what you like without the inhibition of age or prejudice.

Basically it was a cozy trip, with a lot of fun involved and some very deep revelations.



P.S. Have a great Tuesday y’all.


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