Music and Lyrics.

Have y’all seen the Hugh Grant movie titled Music and Lyrics?

I watched it recently because I had this sudden urge to watch a Hugh Grant movie. I kind of find the awkward acting of his, very attractive. I also found Drew Barrymore’s acting awkward and realistic.

I just found the whole stupid movie awkward, cliched and goddamn beautiful.

One of the things I remember from the movie is that when you first listen to a song the melody is what makes you like it but if you want to go back to the song it has to have good lyrics,lyrics that mean something to you.

I kind of find life analogous to this, life has to have some sort of a meaning in it to keep it going. It need not be one single meaning though. It can be several meanings. It can be to drink coffee everyday, watch your mother and father smile at something you said or did,watching your brother get happy with something that you gave him, a long walk in the evening, to read more books and watch more movies, go to new places and meet new people as often as you can. Life can have several meanings. It could be big or it could be small.

All that said, even when you have things that mean something to you, sometimes there has to be something that you want to do without any meaning or reason, dance in the middle of the night in your room, sing in your tone deaf voice, running all of a sudden on the road when you were just walking normally a while ago, pranking people, just random things.These things too will be a part of life because where is the fun in the song if there isn’t a good beat to it?

Well,I hope I get to keep writing the lyrics and melody to the song of my life.

I hope you do too.



P.S. The link to my new favorite beat is below.


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