My internet connection at home hasn’t come back still.

I have had a not so great day and I wanted to remind my self and you if you..

Have ever had those days when you feel you are least productive?

Have felt you are good for
nothing and your dreams that you have are too big to come true, especially for a person like you?

Have sat down in your room listening to a sad song and cried for no particular reason?

Have torn down every piece of work that you did, every piece of art because you are being judged by random people?

Have you ever felt that this period will never end ?

If you have remember that you are going to be okay. Remember that getting up in the morning and doing simple things is a task many people are unable to do and you did it. Focus on the little things. If you smiled at a stranger that is a productive task right there. You will pick yourself up and stride forward to follow your dreams.

This dark gloomy face you are going through shall pass. Hold on.
Its going to be okay.

If you haven’t felt this way then keep going bruh. You will be fine.




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