Self awareness.

“Self love is a good thing but self awareness is more important. You need to once in a while go ‘ uh, I am kind of an asshole’ ” -Louis.C.K

I read this quote on an instagram page called the artidote. Pretty amazing page. Y’all should check it out. Well,I went through all their pictures and quotes close to about 250 of them and wrote some of them down in a book that I maintain for quotes and words that I like. Very serene experience, the whole process of reading it was.

Apart from that I just wanted to let y’all know that one of my friends is going to speak in a tedx event. I am so proud of her and I will update about that later.

So, she is going to speak on the topic “Being You”. I don’t know how she is going to go about it. If I was to take my approach towards it I would speak about self awareness and self love.

Being aware of what you are as a whole, with your shortcomings, your quirks and your core qualities enhances or makes you become more you.

Once we are aware of what we are, we tend to hate ourselves sometimes, for example while I might have several redeeming qualities, I am a very lethargic person and I am fat. One is a characteristic and other is a description of physical appearance. One might have even lead to the other. I am aware that I am both those things but I find it very hard to work on them. In turn I have several insecurities and tend to indulge in self hate. This *Self Hate* thoughts  were happening on a regular basis before until  I came to a realisation there is no point in self awareness if you are not going to work on your shortcomings.

While this realisation might not have brought in a significant change in me, it did make me think about the concept of self love. Loving oneself with all your short comings and all your insecurities. Being there for yourself and making yourself your number 1 priority is an extremely important activity that has to be turned in to a habit to live happily ever after.

I have never been into the idea of romantic relationships in real life even though I enjoy romcoms and love stories in fiction.

I have never liked the idea of somebody else “completing” me. I hope all of us, be it male or female feel complete on our own, if not now at least in the near future. I hope all of us have the courage to fall in love with ourselves.

I hope all of you tend to understand that nobody can be better you than you.

Just like I did.

After a looooooooong while.



P.S. I still don’t have internet at home. Blame my dad.


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