To Sir With Love.

Hi y’all,

Is it too weird that I say hi to no one sometimes, that my “Hi” to all of you is a possible shout to the void? well I don’t care if its too weird, I don’t mind saying hi to the void, the void must be very lonely and misunderstood because all of us seem to hate the void or are afraid of it. Oh well..

Moving on to what I wanted to share with y’all or otherwise the void is that I read a book called “To Sir with Love” recently by this beautiful man named E.R.Braithwaite and I wanted to urge you all to read it.

It’s about a man who becomes a teacher due to unexpected (or not) circumstances and grows to love his job and the students of his class. While most of us might have read similar books, I think this one especially, is wonderfully narrated. The way each of the students in his class are portrayed, the humaneness in each of these characters is described in a way that it moved me.

This book made me laugh, smile, get angry and weep, without me actually realizing it. Even if a man with absolutely no feelings to spare reads the book, I am sure he will empathize with at least one character in the book. I love it, I am sure you will too…




P.S. Let me know your views if any of you have read the book.


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