Girl Online.

Hi y’all,

Thank you. All of you, for reading what I write and some of you for liking and even commenting.Every time I get a comment or a like, it makes me feel extremely happy that somebody is listening to all that I have to say. So I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have read, followed, liked and commented on my post. It makes my day, when you do.

Apart from my immense gratitude, I also had another thing to share with y’all. I wanted to talk (write) to y’all about another book that I read very recently. It is called “Girl Online” and it is by Zoe Sugg.

The book is a typical cliché of a girl meeting a guy and a blooming holiday romance but wowwww, Zoe Sugg has done an amazing job on the narration of the story. So many things that involve stuff like anxiety issues, getting panic attacks, getting pressured by peers, maintaining social standards, so many of these issues are so beautifully portrayed in this book. I may be too old to read a school romance but it was too good that I read the whole 300 odd pages in one go. Basically the one thing that I urge myself and y’all to do, Being yourself and accepting yourself for what you are, was the message of the book.

I haven’t spoken of the characters in the book because I want you all to enjoy them when you read the book but I’ll tell you one thing, each one of them has been give a gem of a characterisation.Its a book that makes you feel very warm and happy.

Oh! it also involves blogging, so I think its pretty apt. I hope you all like(d) it. if you haven’t read it, I urge you to do so.



P.S. Thank y’all once again for listening (reading).


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