Matters most.

Hi y’all.

Hmm I have started to notice a pattern here. “Hi y’all” has become a signature welcome to my posts. You have to blame Tyler Oakley for that. I watch a little too much of his videos and the way he says “Hi y’all” to everybody who is watching is just so refreshing. So in case you are wondering the tone of my voice while reading my “Hi” imagine it to be a chirpy, eager and happy tone because I am genuinely eager to say Hi to y’all.

Soooo, I was gazing through some of the colleges abroad where I could do my masters in Business (I live in India) and I came across a particular essay question in an application form. It was “what matters most to you ? And why ? ”

It seems like a very simple question but boy did it get me thinking. I don’t think there is only one thing that matters most to me, life is never about one thing. Is it?

Here is a list of things I think that matters most to me.

1) Family and friends’ happiness. ( but they are not things.)
2) Traveling the world and getting to know people all over, their culture and lifestyle.
3) Reading more books or being able to be more intelligent than what I was yesterday.
4) Being able to influence people positively. (hopefully a lot of people).
5) Just being able to make a difference in a lot of people’s life.

These things are my dreams and wishes, that I seek to fulfill. I have faith in myself that I will but all this said and done, I still wonder if there is something that matters the * Most * to me.

Do you have something that matters the most to you?





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