Daily blogs.

Hi y’all.

I just wanted to try something.

Well, I want to try and blog every day till August 3rd.

Why August 3rd ?

It’s My Birthday!!

What will it be about?

I am thinking of blogging what I do everyday and If possible make it entertaining. I will be blogging about my thoughts on different things and feelings and places and stuff that I usually do blog about but I also am going to have blogs that simply describe what I did on that day.

Why am I doing this ?

This period in my life is the most confusing and empty phase that I have so far endured since birth.  I want to make it a little interesting with the help of blogging.

I have also decided to take care of myself properly. If you haven’t read my earlier posts, then you should know that I am physically unfit and I am on the heftier side. I am working on getting healthier and fitter, so yeah I will be blogging about my journey towards fitness also.

Why should you read it?

I don’t know, may be to see if you can relate to me. I feel nice when I read that somebody is going through what I am going through or has gone through it. There is a chance that my story will/can make you feel nice.

So yeah. I hope this goes well and helps me and if possible helps you too.




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