Adventures of Ram.

Hi y’all.

I just wanted to write about a book that I read today. The book is called Scion of Ikshvaku and is written by this amazing man named Amish.

For those who don’t know, Scion means a descendant from a known ancestral line. A guy called Ram, who is pretty famous in India for being a legendary human, king of Ayodhya, is a descendant of Ikshvaku who was also a man of honour.

This book is basically the story of this guy and his family which has been retold in a scientific and slightly believable way (It’s a fantasy though). The original story is an Indian epic called Ramayana.

I loved reading this book. I have read Amish’s triology on Shiva earlier and now this first book on the next set of three.  Its a well written book and a very relatable interpretation of the story that all Indians grow up learning.

I recommend it to everyone irrespective of the nationality because this book is rich in its culture, story and is one of the best fantasy/adventure novels that I have ever read.

Amish has his way of making his characters seem real. He is the guy who made me visualise Lord Shiva as an extremely sexy person and now I find another character in this story very very desirable, Who is not Ram, the protagonist but his brother, Bharath.

So many details in the book just left me spellbound.

I suggest y’all read it to enjoy the characters, the story and the word play.




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