Love wins!

Hi y’all.

Today is a wonderful day. I spent time with my friends, had good food and went for a walk with my father. It was a beautiful day and it just turned even better.

Today, 26th June 2015 LOVE WON in USA!  I know I live in india but well it has to start some where, right?

Though I am straight and attracted to my opposite gender, I empathise with the LGBTQ community. I think I am a non-executive part of this beautiful community. I think all of us should be a part of it.

I think every body deserves equal treatment and this amendment has just made so many of us happy. USA has become a role model again. So has Ireland.

I am so very happy for everybody in USA and I hope they get the happiness they deserve. I hope the rest of the world follows suit and lets ‘love’ win.

So yeah it was a beautiful day and I hope you had one too.



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