What ifs.

Hi y’all.

Today was an okay day and I didn’t do much. I went for a walk and it started raining. The park looked beautiful. I had a long conversation with my dad about nothing in particular. Now I am on my bed wondering what is life.

So I just had an epiphany that you are truly allowed to do whatever that is you want to do everyday. Its all up to you. It felt liberating for a while and then scared the shit out of me.

I was listening to somebody talk on TV and that person said ‘Ask yourself, what if ?’. Which is a beautiful idea, don’t you think?

Imagine if we asked ourselves what if every day as many times as we can, like what if I go to the place that I have never been to in my city or what if I make a new friend out of the stranger who sits all alone in the park or what if I learn  a new language or what if I go on a random road trip. Imagine the difference it would make in our lives as well other’s lives.

Think about the what ifs, y’all.




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