Lunch out.

Hi y’all.

Had an amazing day today. Had the chance to enjoy a huge spread of delicious food today for lunch.

In India we have this food item called Biriyani. It is flavored rice with vegetables and a variety of spices, cooked with chicken or mutton.

Today’s lunch had biriyani which was soooo good. It was well cooked and had beautiful fragrance of spices.

To go with the biriyani, we had prawn and chicken curry. Both of these dishes were cooked very well, with the right mix of spicy and sour taste. There was onion raitha which is basically sauté of onion mixed with curd.

After the main course we had the dessert called Halwa. This halwa in particular had bread as the prime ingredient.

To say that the food was excellent is a huge understatement.

Lunch had some riveting conversations and we played a game of monopoly eating.

Overall a great lunch with great company.

I hope y’all had a great day too.




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