Blah day.

Hi y’all.

It was an annoying day or rather I had an annoying experience on a good day.

Like I told y’all I had to go and collect my mark sheets from an office. I went there at 10 o clock this morning, thinking I will finish collecting it and shop for clothes for my interview and return home but guess what happened ?!

I had to freaking wait for 3 hours and the official who had to give my mark sheet after 3 hours went away for lunch. -_-

I was so annoyed that I went back home for lunch. My mum had made hot and sumptuous lunch. I finished my lunch and took a nap and then drove back to this office again at 4. Well I had hoped that they might have finished the process and kept it ready for me to collect it but I was wrong again. I had to wait for another hour and collect it after almost literally begging them. I then collected the mark sheets and bought clothes and returned home.

I did accomplish what I wanted to accomplish today but it was one of the most tiring day ever. :/

I hope y’all had a better day.




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