When you fall out of love.

Hi y’all.

I was just thinking about the concept of love. What is common when it comes to the idea of love is that when a person loves somebody, we say the person has ‘fallen’ for that somebody.

I used to ponder that if somebody ‘falls in’ and if that person is sane enough, don’t you think they will ‘ fall out’ of love too?

I figured the answer after quite a lot experience, they do fall out. Sometimes when they are alive or ultimately when they die, every body falls out of being in love. The best kind of love is when only death does them apart when they are old and withering.

Sometimes though we fall out of love when either one or both isn’t willing to try to continue to be in love. That’s why my favorite kind of love is the love between parents and kids; 75% of parents and kids love each other till death does them apart because both of them are not willing to let go of each other. May be because parents do a lot of things for us we love them but why does a parent do so much for the kid ? I don’t know. May be one day when I am a parent I could figure out why I love my kid though the kid is annoying and disobedient most of the time.

What do y’all think about immortality of the idea of love ?




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