Hi y’all.

The internet service seems to be extremely slow in my area. I am struggling to post all that I have written. Sometimes the post goes empty and that makes me loose all interest in re writing. It’s like when you put all the effort that you can and it goes to waste.

I have been thinking about my this week or two that I have before I join my college, that I have faith that I will get into. I am thinking of what to  do and how to be productive or even entertained. On Monday I have to go get another certificate processed so I think my day will be spent on that but rest of the week what should I do?

I have a list.
1) Read at least 5 books.
2) write book reviews on them.
3) Watch a movie or two.
4) Have good coffee.
5) Draw or Paint something.
6) Plan a year long schedule (deadlines and such to meet small goals)
7) Meet a friend or more for lunch.

What do you guys do during your holidays or spare time ?




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