Hi y’all.

Sundays are generally categorised as blues day. The air is filled with fear of Monday and wishfulness to skip the next six days to be a part of the next Sunday. Today was something like that for me.

I was feeling blue but mostly because of the wait to get to know my result for the college interview that I attended. It hasn’t come yet and they haven’t mentioned when they will come out either. It is so annoying to check literally every hour to see if there has been an update. Despite this feeling I read two books.

I have always been averse to mills and boons novels in the fear that it will have bad narration and no sense or reality. I was pleasantly surprised today. Though its not my typical genre, who doesn’t love the idea of a happy ending, eh?

I read two of them under the medical romance series ( I used to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and hence the choice). I liked it just fine. It was descriptive but both the stories were a poor girl getting married to a rich dude. I know that from ancient times romance or rather fairy tales fall under the same category like Cinderella or pride and prejudice where a rich guy and poor girl join hands in matrimony. The equalist  in me finds it annoying. Why are women shown as financially dependent ?

Women are not supposed to be just easy on the eyes. In fact most women are not. They are not obligated to be. I wish media especially books that are not considered literature anymore but forms of entertainment don’t portray women like that. Pretty, timid, complying, submissive, compromising, compassionate etc shouldn’t be repetitively used to describe an ideal woman. Women are not all that, some might be but its not necessary to be just that. Women can be passionate, wild, determined, powerful, strong and more. Women are capable of plenty of things and so are men.

I just wish we didn’t have to tag humans with ideal qualities based on gender. A woman has the right to be authoritative and a man has the right to cry. Don’t brand them as wimp or dominating. Just let them be.

Like they say, Live and let live!




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