Willy Wonka.

Hi y’all.

I finally read the book Charlie and the chocolate factory. I know its a kids book but I have always had a thing for Roald Dahl and I some how always skipped this book.

I had watched the movie you see. I fell in love with johnny depp in this movie. I mean that guy plays a role of a wacko pretty well. He has this calm and composed aura and is always oozing with charisma. If I start talking about this guy, I could go on forever. So I had watched the movie and therefore pushed the idea of reading this book.

I loved the book. The author’s wit and wordplay are well beyond commendable. Though you might find it too childish to read there is always so much to learn from a kid’s book, just as there is in a book meant for adults. So yes I recommend that you all enjoy this light read and possibly even read it to your siblings or your kids.



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