Hi y’all.

No there are no floods in the neighborhood that I live or in my country right now but there was one today in my room. It was one of the most annoying experience ever.

We had bought a new washing machine and my family decided to keep it my room. I don’t blame them for that but you see the tube connecting the machine to the drains is small. It freaking floods my whole bathroom with dirty water, which is cool too as I can sweep it into the drain but today… Today the bloody thing released too much of water that my whole  room was flooded with water. Everything from my stereo to my unused guitar to the unbelievably large teddy bear were touched by dirty blue coloured water. I had to mop it all up.

One of the most terrible days that I have experienced. I need to buy a longer tube extension, the cleaning process is getting cumbersome day after day and extremely dangerous too considering the slippery floor and electronic equipments around.

I hope y’all had a better day.




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