Hi y’all.

So ..I wear glasses because I am short sighted. I can’t see long distance as easily as I used to.

I have been wearing glasses since I turned 10 or 12. It is a funny story how I got them on in the first place.

I was playing with a telephone on the wooden stand in my grandma’s house and I fell down with the whole stand and the phone falling on top of me. The sturdy phone you see, landed on my face. It hurt like crazy and the area about my eye got scratched. My mum nursed me and put a bandaid on but my right eye was paining the whole day.

So my uncle took me to a eye doctor, an old friend of his. The very quirky doctor did all the eye tests and said that I seem to be fine but… I seem to be developing a little bit of power on my left eye. (Yes, I was hurting on the right eye but I had power on my left)

You see, I was thrilled. I was so darn excited about being bespectacled. I don’t think that it was because I wanted to resemble a young wizard who was beginning to become famous at that time. I mean I was a sensible kid not expecting a letter from Hogwarts because I was pretty sure that I was a muggle. Or was I?

However I did get round rimmed, thin, black glasses and also sported a scar pretty close to my forehead  that I was proud of at that time.

Now, 15 years later I still am slightly proud to be bespectacled, I don’t resemble scrawny Mr Potter though but may be a distant but nice cousin of the Dudleys.

Why am I sharing this with y’all?

Today I have an appointment with the eye doctor to get my 25th glasses or so. This is the first time that I haven’t broken my glasses for a whole year. I am so very proud of myself.

So How are y’all today?

I am a leo. 😉



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