Hi y’all.

Some women (not indians specifically) fear nudity. They fear being seen with no clothes on.  I think we consider it an embarrassment.

Recently after the one or two indian movies I watched I have been feeling unsettled. They primarily involved taking pictures of a naked girl who was taking a bath or changing clothes and blackmailing her to have sex with them when the girl either suicides or the hero saves the day.

I was wondering what I would do if I had to face a similar situation of black mail.

I have body image issues. I am fat and obviously I have stretch marks in my body. I am not a model with an hourglass how would I feel if somebody took a picture of me and threatened to publicise it?

When I thought for a minute I thought I would oblige to the blackmailing persons demands and then I thought may be kill the dude. Later though I realised why the freak should I be worried or scared?

I should be angry. I should be angry that somebody took what I own and put it out for others to see without asking my permission but why should I fear somebody  or be vexed about it.

I might take legal action against the person and make sure I get justice..but submitting or hiding myself is something I wouldn’t and shouldn’t do.

It’s a normal body with many imperfections.

In case they threaten you with a sex tape then too, two people are indulging in a natural process.

In case you are raped then its a
heinous crime and the vicious asshole who does it must be terminated.

The fault you see in these serious social issues is that we always stigmatise the victim. We cover them up and hide them. We question them why they were out at a particular time or why they were wearing those clothes or why weren’t they more careful ?

Now that is extremely stupid. This sort of reaction turns me into hulk and I want to smash all of them.

Look if somebody does something to you and threatens you in a situation where you are the victim and didn’t do anything wrong but be human and look human, you should let them go ahead with their threat but not submit to their blackmails

If its on the internet share the video on your social media and tell the people that this person who took the video threatened you and make sure they know who the person who threatened is.

Take an legal action against this person. Don’t worry about what people think of you. If there are people who are stigmatising you then stay away from them. You don’t need narrow minded dim wits in your life. Don’t let yourself fall into the vortex of negative thoughts or bother about what other people think of you.

Any sort of threatening or blackmailing or bullying shouldn’t be tolerated. If you can’t handle it alone, ask for help. If you don’t have anybody to ask, you can ask me or any other person you trust online.

Remember to never submit to bullying… Of any sorts…




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