Again..and again.

Hi y’all.

What are the five books that you would always love reading again and again….and again?

1) Harry Potter Series.
This series made me childhood, adolescence and my adulthood so far. I kid you not when I say this book is my pain killer. I have been in physical as well mental pain when this book helped me heal.

2) Tuesday’s with Morrie.
This book made me feel a lot of things. I am grateful to Mitch Albom for writing this book. Such an emotional connection this book has with me.

3)Looking For Alaska.
A coming of age novel. There are pages in this book that I would always go back to every time I need encouragement. I cried for more than an hour after reading this book. I simple adore the lead character Miles. John green is my idol.

4) Things a little Bird Told Me.
This book helped me realise my goals. Biz stone is one of my favorite people on earth and a true inspiration.

5)Star Shines Down.. And Best Laid Plans.
Sidney sheldon is a legend. These two book are just simply superb. So many situations in the book are so well described that it baffled me. The ladies in the books are my idols.

So what are your favorites that you wouldn’t mind repeating ?




One thought on “Again..and again.

  1. I like reading The Stranger by Albert Camus from time to time. Helps quell the existential angst 😀

    And ah! The Harry Potter series. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d read them all again and see details I had missed the first time – or the details that make sense since I’ve read to the end! And The Series of Unfortunate Events – that’s worth a couple reads.

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