Weddings and Fun.

Hi y’all.

Weddings you know, are huge celebrations almost all over the world but In India its huger. The wedding celebrations happen for three to four weeks. Its amazing and exhausting.

Why am I talking about weddings out of the blue ?
Its my best friend’s sister’s wedding. So sort of like my sisters wedding without the perks and responsibilities.

I am a Hindu(religion) by birth and my best friend is a muslim by birth. So the wedding process(ceremony) slightly differs. For the Hindus the wedding ceremony happens on the “Muhurtham” day whereas in muslims its called Nikkah.

I love religions,all of them and the culture it embodies. So I had a lot of fun watching and learning today.

The concept of wedding in general is committing to one another for life and death together. I like the idea as it is extremely romantic. 

Though in Indian customs it usually signifies getting the woman married *away* to a man who promises to take care of her. I wrote *away* because it generally signifies leaving an old family and joining a new one. I don’t support this though..once my daughter/son always my daughter and son. Apart from this minor glitch I love Indian weddings.

The food, the clothes, the people, the emotions.. Did I mention food?.. Everything is so beautiful and colourful.

I had a great day today celebrating an addition to the portfolio of my friend’s sister. I hope y’all had a great day.




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