My Kalam


Yesterday was an extremely sad day. One of my idols passed away.

Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the former President of India and so much more.

This man loved students and loved being a teacher. I remember trying to meet him last year for my college association related activity. I got a letter stating he was ill. He wished us luck and hoped that our event went on well.

This man has written some wonderful books and spoken in plenty of colleges about dreams, country, creativity, development, science. Literally all things essential.

As soon as he died there were numerous messages and instances shared on the social media. One such instance that my dad read out to me made me wonder.

This man in one of his conferences with students asked them a simple question.

He asked “what would you liked to be remembered as?” He said they had to answer in 50 words or less. He doesn’t want an essay but a handful of words about what we would like to be remembered for. The student’s took to their thoughts and the whole room was quiet. Mr Kalam said I see all of you thinking. This question made you think. I think we should ask this question to literally everybody from a watchman to a politician. Nobody wants to be remembered for scams and murders. They want to be remembered for good. This question will change their future actions he said.

This instance made me smile at the wit and genuineness of the man but it did leave me thinking.

What do I want to be remembered as ?
Well..An Inspiration, An Innovator, A great woman,The Best- Daughter, grand daughter, sister and friend.

Thank you for making us think sir. Thank you for teaching us to dream, be kind and humble, be creative and more.

And Thank you for being a wonderful human with a beautiful heart.

May you Rest In Peace.

“To the well Organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”




2 thoughts on “My Kalam

  1. Yes. A great scientist, writer, teacher and above all people’s president. His books ”wings on fire’ and ‘ignited minds’ are so inspiring. He will be missed, but his fire is alive in us. Burning in passion. RIP sir Abdul Kalam. 😦


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