Vanakam !

What does Vanakam mean??

It means hi or hello or welcome in *Tamil* which is my native language.

OK, so there is something y’all should know about me, I call myself impatient but.. I am not. I wait for people for a huge amount of time, I am patient with every single person’s mistakes and flaws but when they repeat it… The same mistake again and again, it pisses me off.

The mistakes may seem small but it is really does piss me off. For example making plans with me and coming late for the lunch/picnic/studying/coffee or even worse cancelling or the worst so far cancelling and not bothering to inform me that the plan is cancelled. 

I know that most people are busy and…me, I look like the easily jobless person on this earth but I do have other things that I would be doing than waiting for your sorry ass to come over or go out with me or whatever.

I just feel so immensely used. It is mostly the same person who does it and I am beginning to reach a point where I won’t make any more plans again with this person.

You see all this said and done, everybody who knows me will anticipate me forgiving the people involved and going out nonetheless. I may be mental or desperate or just really really kind. I like to believe in the latter.

Well, I hope y’all had a better day.




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