New Place, New People.

Hi y’all.

How are all of you doing ? How is life treating you ? How are you treating life?

My day in my college has been pretty hectic but I think I might learn to enjoy it. Hostel has been good so far. People seem to surprise you in many ways. As y’all know yesterday was my birthday. I didn’t have much of an expectation from the day as I am away from home, away from friends but it turned out to be pretty good. The people in my hostel found out about my birthday and they got me a cake. It felt great.

This is my first time in a co education college and people from the opposite gender seem to be pretty nice too. One of them wrote me note of sorts in Hindi wishing me best of luck and Happy Birthday.

People come from different backgrounds and different states here and they always see to surprise me. At least so far. That’s something I enjoy, getting to know people, their languages and culture.

Apart from that the course that I have taken is the most coveted course in the institutions. Advertising and PR is the course heading and apparently the most strenuous course here. I am very excited but I am also slightly nervous. The peers in this course is way more educated and experience than me and it seems to intimidate me. I suppose its good in one way. The thirst to prove myself is beginning to haunt me. I hope it goes okay.

I hope you are okay too.



P.S. yaaay I finished daily blogging for the duration I promised i.e. till my birthday. I feel like I have accomplished something. do you ?


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