Feeling Blue

Hi y’all.
Written below is an assignment I wrote in my class about the projector that hangs in my classroom. Let me know how y’all like it .

Dear Air-conditioner on my right,

I just felt like sharing something with you. Somehow I feel you will understand what I am going through. I have been feeling so blue lately; all these people who look up at me talk about me below my back. They think I can’t hear them but I do. They claim that I have gotten old and that I am not clear enough lately. I just wish I could tell them to go away or at least help me gain my clarity back. I wish I can choose to not show them what they wish to see but they always seem to have control over me as my heart is in their hands. They push all the right buttons and get their work done somehow. They always seem to compare me with others of my kind. I don’t understand why people don’t realize that everyone is unique in their own way and that one always has to be oneself to be happy. Yes, I look cubical. Yes, I always sit in the same place. Yes, I always seem to show them things they don’t know or at time don’t want to. Yes, I am a visual person and people can read me like an open book. So what? Why don’t people understand that I am just trying to help them by showing what they need?  Why don’t people understand that each of my kind has a different parent and different DNA just like them? Why do they always think that our kind is cheap? Ah! I am just fed up.

You see, I am lonely and it depresses me. I do get flying visitors sometimes but all they do is come sit with me and speak a language that I don’t understand. I feel like I am alone all the time even though there are plenty of people around. At times I am the only illuminating person around in darkness that prevails quite often these days. Sometimes I feel put off or lack the power to do anything.  I know I am capable, In fact I am the only one here who can aid others, provide knowledge and even entertainment but I feel insecure that one day these people will find someone who is sleeker and imparts more clarity that I do.  I seem to live in a world where you always have to be the best; otherwise people will throw you out.

For now, I shall continue to shed light on emptiness and impart information and entertainment; after all oblivion is inevitable, there was a time before I existed and there will come a time when I don’t. I just hope to leave a mark in this world and hope the world remembers who I am. Well, I hope you are as cool as you always are and hope you have a great winter break. 
                                                                                                                                                                  Projector “


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