Hi y’all.

I know its been a while since I wrote. I was trying to settle down into the hectic schedule of being in this college. I was getting to know people, trying to make friends. Made quite a few acquaintances and one friend.I will speak about her later.

But now, I just wanted to share what people here have been sharing with me…

Everybody here is scared to trust people. Everybody is. The extroverts, the introverts, the hippies, the studious, the hep and cool ones. All of them are scared of trusting people..

I am finding this scary. If the human kind fears their own kind turning against each other, If a bunch of people in early 20s find it difficult to trust their own peers, what kind of a world am I living in?

I don’t mean to be naive but if we aren’t even apprehensive about a person, if we judge a person with one single situation, if we don’t want to be friends, if we all think we need to stay aloof to stay safe..what is the point in living?

There are a few people here, that I really do trust. I may make more friends here in the course of 9 months. I may make friends for life, I may work with some of them in the future and may be even employ them but if they don’t trust me or I don’t trust them, then what is the point?!

I have been so confused lately. not only about people but also about which field to work in, inside advertisement and public relations. There are so many options. Right now, I really like Brand management, Media Planning and Buying.

When I originally joined I wanted to do something in PR, now my interest is more into working in media houses. I think they are the people who do all the logical and analytical work. So yeah there is that confusion.

I have also been thinking about myself. As in how I want to better  myself and stuff. I have subscribed to a newspaper and am making a reading list to complete this academic year. Also been trying to handle my money and spending on food. I have been spending on sandwiches the most since I started classes here. The hostel food sucks. So I am trying to save money for books and travelling within Delhi.

What else? Well, I miss my dad. I miss talking to him at night. I miss my mum, I miss seeing her face every day in the morning and night. I miss my brother, I miss listening to him talk about things he did in school and about random things. I miss my grandpas and grandmas and their constant talks. I miss my uncle, aunt,niece. I miss my best friend. I miss home.

I missed y’all too. How have you been?




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