Hi y ‘all.

It’s been a while.

What’s happening in my life ?
Loads of assignments, loads of learning and socializing.
I am trying to make good friends and I suppose I have done well so far.

What did I want to talk to y’all about ?
Self confidence.. Self actualization.. Self esteem… Self love…

Today I got yelled at by a supposed friend for lacking self confidence and for not being able to love myself.

Now, I know usually you should feel happy that people think you are worthy and therefore you got to have self confidence..but the whole conversation  pissed me off.

Self confidence is something that one gets/has from inside one self. It isn’t something you preach about or accuse them for not having despite being worthy. Just because somebody tells you, you are worthy.. Doesn’t necessarily help you overcome low self esteem. It takes time. It takes time to overcome yourself.

I think those of you, who have friends who don’t have self confidence should encourage them but not impose on them. I am sure it either lowers their confidence or annoys the heck out of them.

The other very important concept is self love.. It isn’t easy to love yourself. It isn’t easy to let go of all that you don’t like about yourself.. Look past your shortcomings, weaknesses and love yourself.

It is very difficult but it can be attained. In your own pace. So when people say ‘if you don’t love yourself then it is difficult for others to love you’ don’t believe it.

The idea of love is totally different from self love and its okay to take your time to fall in love with yourself.  It is also okay to feel that you don’t want to be loved. I mean the whole concept of feeling loved by some one else is not a necessity.

Just take your time..set your pace and have fun.



P.S. I will try and be more regular.


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