Back home.

Hi y’all,
I came to Chennai this week from Delhi and boy! was it awesome. Festivals are indeed meant to be celebrated at home with family and friends. My Diwali, this year was quiet, serene and beautiful. I needed these holidays desperately.

I read a new book called Have a little Faith by Mitch Albom. I cried a bit over it. I recommend y’all to read it. It’s bloody brilliant. The story of three men, one linking the other two and the way faith has been described is just beautiful. For the first time after a very long while, I could understand why people have faith in the intangible force that they call god. I suggest y’all read it.

I spent the whole week watching movies in theatres. Some movies were worth the watch while others just killed my buzz.

I met a couple of my friends. I missed them so much in Delhi. It felt so good to share and hear stories. I can’t describe the feeling that you get when you share your experience with your friends and have a laugh about it.

More than this, I was home with my parents and brother and grand parents. It felt perfect in its own imperfect ways.

Like the song goes, ‘You only hate the road when you’re missing home’.



P.S. I hope y’all are doing well.

P.P.S. I read about Paris. I hope people in Paris are doing well. I hope they get all the strength that they need.


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