Grim Reaper.

Hi y’all.
I am crying. It’s 1:54 AM in India and I don’t know what’s gotten to me. For the past hour I have been having conversations with myself and been watching YouTube videos that are really sad or just made me sad because of the situation that I am in at the moment.

What’s bothering me ? Cancer (no i don’t have cancer but so many people do) and the doubt about the very existence of God. Lately I have been wishing that I could transform myself to a spiritual person or a person who believes/ has faith in something.. Today I just reached a breaking point.

I mean..
Why does cancer exist in this planet ?
Why do accidents happen ?
Why do natural disasters happen ?
Why do wars occur ?
Why are there thieves, murders and rapists amongst us ?
Over all Why do very bad things happen to people ?

I am scared. What if God exists but he is evil? Or even worse he is a business man who does things only for profit, if he doesn’t find something favorable he just stops doing/aiding  that something? What if God is human. I mean what if God thinks and feels the same way that a human does ? Humans are exposed to sins so god must be too?


What if God doesn’t exist ? What is the point of all this? What are we doing on planet earth in a solar system in a far away galaxy where oblivion is inevitable? How do we cure cancer ? How do we stop creating thieves and bad people ? Why am I where I am ? Doing what I am doing ? Dreaming what am dreaming ? Just freaking whyyyy?!!!




One thought on “Grim Reaper.

  1. God does exist. Belive it. Your current situation is making you feel that He doesn’t exist. You human it’s normal but it God is love . peace and joy. He sometimes allow bad things to happen to draw us closer to him. Have faith

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