Growing up.

Hi y’all,

Another year gone. I feel that I have grown up in terms of character/habits the most in this year. So I am making lists now on new years eve.

These are the things that I learnt this year.
1) I am important. Atleast to myself. I need to take care of myself both mentally and physically.
2) People who contribute negative energy in your life are better left out of your life. That doesn’t mean you won’t help them if they need you, just learn to prioritize.
3) Everything will be alright. You may go through a phase where everything seems bad, there is no happiness around you but don’t worry. You ll do okay.
4) Try your best. When you give your best good things seem to happen.
5)love people without expectations, you seem to love your friends with all your heart but you also expect to be loved back just the same amount. I know you deserve it back but its okay if you don’t get love the same way. you learn a lot from love.
6)Your family is the only human net that will love you and protect you no matter what. Express your love and emotions to them, they may not know it unless you express it.
7) Learn. Invest in learning. It’s okay if you spend your pocket money on books instead of clothes.
8) Understand your weaknesses and try to overcome them. It’s okay to feel weak and insecure but never give up on yourself.
9) Independence comes with responsibility. Respect that.
10) In the end everything will aid you to achieve your goals. Stay focused and Trust yourself.

These are the people I am grateful for in this year.
1)My dad. His friendship and guidance is the most important thing to me in my life.
2)My mom. Her love always make me feel secure.
3) My brother. Thank god he exists. It is fun to watch him grow.
4)My grandparents. Their love and pampering makes me happy.
5)My uncle and aunt and their daughter. Their love and care is special.
6) My mum’s sister. I am grateful for all the love and care she gives me though I make fun of her cooking.
7) Zoha. My best friend. Her positive thoughts towards my goals and dreams are always motivating and I am extremely grateful for that.
8) My College friends and all the fun times.
9) My Delhi friends. For adjusting to my ways so soon and so well. One of them is Komal she is my safety net in Delhi.
10) Me. I am grateful to be the way that I am. Think the way that I do. I am learning to accept myself and love me for me and I am grateful to myself for having begun to do so.

Events that I would like to remember.
1)Graduating from college.
2)Getting into IIMC.
3) Learning to live away from my parents.

What I would like to achieve the coming year-2016.

1) Learn more about myself, my interests, my passion etc.
2) Read at least 30 books.
3) Take care of my overall health.
4) Get a job that I love and helps me learn more.
5) Write more, apart from the blog.
6) Finish my Research work and Campaign work for college in the best way possible.
7)Expand my musical interests and cinema interests.
8) Read newspapers regularly ๐Ÿ˜›
9) Have more solo karaoke and dance parties in my room.
10) Become confident with/as who I am.

So what are you grateful for ? What are your goals for this new year ? Like and comment below ๐Ÿ™‚



P.S. Happpppppppppyyyy New Year’s Eve.(if you read it before 12)
If not…
Happy New year !!! I hope you have a blaaaaast!!!


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