What it feels like to Join Work?!

Hi ya’ll ,

How you doing?

I know..I know.. Its been a long time.The long break in updating my blog wasn’t because I was lazy but because monotony has set into my life. In Monotony nothing ever makes sense, a lot of things might be happening but complacency would be inherently present all the time. Writing is usually a break in my routine but inertia, as it goes makes a human in monotony tend to remain in monotony unless and until an external force acts on it. For me though, the force is my new job.

I recently graduated in advertising and public relations followed by which an opportunity to work with a communications company came up. The company focuses on public relations, digital marketing and more,and I work for the non digital part of it.I thought I need to start somewhere and took the opportunity up. I wonder though, if I made the right decision. I moved to  another new city with no known faces but what’s different is that it isn’t like college where life’s about fun. It isn’t like college where everyone around has mostly good intentions for you. It just isn’t like college. It’s different and it doesn’t feel like it’s good different.

I thought as I grow older my dreams and ambitions will get clearer but they seem to get vague and dull as each day passes. I am searching for inspiration everywhere. I am searching for a muse in myself or in my environment.  I am looking. I think I should take pleasure at the fact that I am looking. I suppose I should be proud for being who I am. I suppose that I should be grateful for being where I am, for everything that I have and do. I suppose… well I just can’t seem to work myself up to it.

I hope I write more regularly. I hope I find myself in places where I can learn. I hope I get to learn more and live more.. I just hope..












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