Coldplay, Tom Hanks, Death of my Phone and More..

Hi Y’all,

First things first, Coldplay is coming to India in November…and I won tickets to go see them !!! So excited to finally see that one band that you never thought you’d see for a very long time..

Another recent thing I did was watch the movie “Sully”. Have y’all seen it yet? I loved it. It reminds all of us, no matter how mechanized our lives get, no matter how many automated devices we use or the numerous disruptions that occur with technology, the intuition of a human can never beaten.. The movie sort of reminded me that Humanity and the mistakes it makes are what makes life interesting. I suggest y’all watch it, if you haven’t yet gotten to. Also TOM HANKS!!!! So freaking amazing! I could relate to the character so much. Also there is a moment in the film, where he is hugged by a hotel attendant.. Boy, did I want to be her..

All exciting things aside.. something sad happened to me.. My phone died. It just went poof… I need to buy a new one and I am broke to make that buy yet. It feels like grieving the loss of my extended limb right now.The dependence of humans on technology is indispensable. I am not able be at peace without my phone.  I am disconnected, disoriented and lost.

I was just wondering how awesome it would be if Magic existed..A magic where I could time travel, do things right..Go forward in life and enjoy the concert..With magic I could repair the things that I break, I could live life in a better would be so easy…

For now, the only magic, we can enjoy is music.. Listening to Closer by Chain smokers.. It’s half past eleven now. Should probably go sleep. Goodnight y’all..








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