Music and Emotions

Hi Y’all,

Have you ever heard a song and has it changed your mood instantly? Sad to Happy? Happy to Numb?  Numb to excited? Excited to angry ?

Has music ever taken you back in time ? Does a SMS tone remind you of an old summer day with the smell of wet sand floating in the air?

Has a clapping pattern taken you back to the PE hours of your school days? A sound, a shout out or  even a sigh remind you of your mum or a long lost friend?

Music has always played a major part in my life. I have always obsessed over some song every day of every week. Each of those songs have touched me, made me feel, made me smile, tear up or even break things in anger..

Music makes an impact. It can be pop, jazz or rock, the one thing it always has done is etch an emotion or more in us. Some times when words can’t convey what I want to, music has helped me to do so. It has been an obsession. A carrier of mine. A mode of transportation even.Music has been my companion, my mentor, my lover, my best friend…I don’t play music. I may not even sing as well as I think I do.. One thing I do well and will continue to do so, is to savor it ! Do you ?



P.S. Comment the title of one song that has made you smile. One of mine is ‘In Summer’ from Frozen.



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