Take the easy Path!

Hi y’all,

“No pain, No gain!”; “You need to work hard to succeed”;”Do or Die Trying”… I have come across so many of these quotes. Have you?

Such quotes and Motivational speeches always suggest one needs to suffer in order to succeed.

The common misconception is that the only way to be something even remotely successful, is if you suffer..for at least a small period of time.

I disagree obviously… Apparently so does Sharukh Khan !

Y’all should probably google him and also if possible watch some of his movies. In his recent movie ‘Dear Zindagi’- Mr.Khan says, “Why do you think, you need to put yourself through tough times to get what you really want? Why not just take the easy Path?”

Brilliant! isn’t he? (Kudos to the script writer :P)

The movie struck a chord with me. If I need to get somewhere or do something, I need to be thinking about choosing the easiest way possible; right ? One doesn’t always have to choose the most difficult path to go where they want to .. Destination may remain the same but there will be paths of different kinds to reach it.

I personally feel, we put hardship as an obligation to success. May be to console ourselves if we don’t succeed by saying “It was too Hard, Not everybody can do it !”

What if we aren’t looking at the right path ? What if there is a path that is paved specifically for us and we just need to simply try it- No matter how easy it seems.

I also think the easy path is sometimes the path we settle down to. The path we overlooked. The sad part to it is, when we reach the destination we always think, we don’t deserve it or it was too easy or If we had chosen the more difficult one, we might have succeeded on a different scale.

Us- Humans have a way of complicating things very easily. I feel sometimes we should just breathe and keep breathing..it’s as simple as that!

What do y’all think ? Should we take it easy or should we hustle ?








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