Because my friend asked me to..

Hi y’all,

I know. Its been a while since I wrote something for myself. Recently, a friend of mine asked me or rather forced me to write about my travel escapades and why I take them. So I created another blog because well.. I wanted to and wrote something there. But then I thought, some of you who follow me actually believe that I can write and I try to make sense. So, I urged myself to share the same content here. The following piece of writing is more of me narrating my thoughts and actions to one single person. Hope it doesn’t weird you out.. 😛


“You’re going places. Share your experience.”,You said.

“I would love to read. Write it for me.”, You said.

So here I am, writing this for you. I swear I am not a great writer of words. I don’t frame my sentences before I blurt them out. This might become a tedious process for you as a reader but here goes nothing-

In this first blog, I will share how, why, when, and what made me start traveling so religiously.

You know that after I moved to Bangalore, I felt lonely. I didn’t have a life outside of work and outside of my work timings were spent with people from work speaking about people from work. I felt like I wasn’t living the life I dreamt of. In fact, I had forgotten what I had dreamt of before this job. I started feeling restless, sad and empty a lot more than what was deemed normal. I didn’t have a solution as to what I should do. I didn’t like my job. I didn’t know if I was meant to be doing it. I also didn’t know what else to do. I, in fact, didn’t deem myself worthy of anything.

The only happy moments at that point were me going on vacations with my parents and moments from the trip to Bombay. I hadn’t realized that they kept me going (living more like) then.

After which, something interesting happened. One of my ex-colleagues (A very good friend now) came up to me and said that she wanted to travel during the Christmas of 2016. She had found an affordable hostel in a hill station in Karnataka called Chikmangaluru. She felt that the place looks amazing and that there was so much to see. She suggested I come along.

Now, when I look back, I don’t really know what made me agree. I think, It was one of the best decisions I made in 2016. The place was beautiful and I met some amazing people. It was perfect.

One among the people that I met on this trip was a girl called Swetha. She is around the same age as I am. She too had just started earning. She was visiting Chikmangaluru with her two friends -Varsha and Vaibhav. We (My Ex-colleague, Swetha and Friends) spent the majority of the stay in the hills together. On one of those days, when talking about work and life, Swetha said something very interesting. She said she has been traveling to one place every month since the time she started earning. The thought of traveling somewhere new every month excited and intrigued me. I asked her how she managed to do so. Her response was simple- She traveled during weekends to places close by and on long weekends to places where she could reach via an overnight bus. It was an Eureka  moment for me. If I could visit one new place a month, I could escape monotony.

That was it! My 2017 resolution became and still is to travel to at least one place every month. It’s June now and I have traveled to 7 places in 6 months excluding Chikmangaluru. I have promised myself that I will continue to do so. I hope to make this the first New Year’s resolution that I keep. 😛

Anyway, in the blogs that follow this one, I will share my travel experiences, epiphanies, and revelations with you… If you keep prodding me to…



P.S. Here is the link to the other blog which will have only my travel experiences henceforth:










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