23 ?

My Birthday was last month. Since then, a  lot of my acquaintances have iterated this question to me “How does it feel turning old?” That got me thinking how should one feel on their birthday. Should you feel happy that you came onto this loud and living world on this day or feel sad that you just got a year older but none wiser.

The concept of age in itself is so foreboding and limiting. Or is it?


When I was young, aging looked cool. Adults could do so many things that I was forbidden to. Now, it’s the other way round. Kids and adolescents have so many options, so many paths to choose from. They are labeled to make mistakes. Parents have high expectations of them and so do their friends and families. Small wins are also celebrated and boasted off but when you grow up something dulls around you. People become more wary of you. You become very wary of yourself. . Everything slows down but all the important things become matters of urgency. Adulting is proving to be very difficult. At least for me.

My boss keeps telling me that all jobs get boring after a while. You can’t be happy with your job all  the time. If  I cant feel happy or entertained most of my life then what is the point. The world feels like tornado with its zero point of void centered around me. The need for doing something about myself or even for myself keeps increasing.

How do we deal with Monotony? I don’t know. How do you deal with the fear of being mediocre? I don’t know. Do you?


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