Back home.

Hi y’all, I came to Chennai this week from Delhi and boy! was it awesome. Festivals are indeed meant to be celebrated at home with family and friends. My Diwali, this year was quiet, serene and beautiful. I needed these holidays desperately. I read a new book called Have a little Faith by Mitch Albom. … More Back home.


Hi y’all. So I read the book called I hate myselfie by Shane Dawson. It is one of the most disgustingly honest book that I have ever read so far in my life. Shane Dawson is also an you tuber, one of the first to get very famous because of his weird humor and sometimes … More I HATE MYSELFIE.

In Real Life.

Hi y’all. I was just reading this book called In Real Life by joey graceffa. This cute little man is a youtuber and creator of a lot of cool things and this book is sort of a memoir. The book explained how he dealt with life and its harsh circumstances and managed to remain the … More In Real Life.

Again..and again.

Hi y’all. What are the five books that you would always love reading again and again….and again? 1) Harry Potter Series. This series made me childhood, adolescence and my adulthood so far. I kid you not when I say this book is my pain killer. I have been in physical as well mental pain when … More Again..and again.

Willy Wonka.

Hi y’all. I finally read the book Charlie and the chocolate factory. I know its a kids book but I have always had a thing for Roald Dahl and I some how always skipped this book. I had watched the movie you see. I fell in love with johnny depp in this movie. I mean … More Willy Wonka.


Hi y’all. Sundays are generally categorised as blues day. The air is filled with fear of Monday and wishfulness to skip the next six days to be a part of the next Sunday. Today was something like that for me. I was feeling blue but mostly because of the wait to get to know my … More Sunday.

The Duff.

Hi y’all. Today was a wonderful day. I didn’t sleep much yesterday night. I spent it reading a book called ‘The Duff’ by Kody Keplinger. It is a book with a beautiful message though the main genre of the book is college romance. The story line basically involves a girl learning to love herself and … More The Duff.

Adventures of Ram.

Hi y’all. I just wanted to write about a book that I read today. The book is called Scion of Ikshvaku and is written by this amazing man named Amish. For those who don’t know, Scion means a descendant from a known ancestral line. A guy called Ram, who is pretty famous in India for … More Adventures of Ram.

Girl Online.

Hi y’all, Thank you. All of you, for reading what I write and some of you for liking and even commenting.Every time I get a comment or a like, it makes me feel extremely happy that somebody is listening to all that I have to say. So I just wanted to say thank you to … More Girl Online.