Grim Reaper.

Hi y’all. I am crying. It’s 1:54 AM in India and I don’t know what’s gotten to me. For the past hour I have been having conversations with myself and been watching YouTube videos that are really sad or just made me sad because of the situation that I am in at the moment. What’s … More Grim Reaper.

One direction.

Hi y’all. I have been feeling a little bleh lately with one direction going into hiatus after 5 years. I know they deserved it and stuff but still feels sort of empty. For those who don’t know one direction they are amazing. I mean who doesn’t like four cute boys with amazing voices serenading you. … More One direction.

Age issue?

I am 21 years old. Why am I saying this to y’all? It’s because I want to understand if by saying a number some images come to your mind describing what sort of a person I could be. I understand from the existing research that every age constitutes a particular way a person looks and … More Age issue?

Back home.

Hi y’all, I came to Chennai this week from Delhi and boy! was it awesome. Festivals are indeed meant to be celebrated at home with family and friends. My Diwali, this year was quiet, serene and beautiful. I needed these holidays desperately. I read a new book called Have a little Faith by Mitch Albom. … More Back home.

Do something.

Dear self. Do something about what you want to be in life. Try caring and nurturing yourself the way you seem to care for others. For a change, put yourself first. There is nothing wrong in putting yourself first. It’s okay to mistakes. Every human being does. Own up to it. Don’t take shit from … More Do something.


Hi y ‘all. It’s been a while. What’s happening in my life ? Loads of assignments, loads of learning and socializing. I am trying to make good friends and I suppose I have done well so far. What did I want to talk to y’all about ? Self confidence.. Self actualization.. Self esteem… Self love… … More Preach.


Hi y’all. I know its been a while since I wrote. I was trying to settle down into the hectic schedule of being in this college. I was getting to know people, trying to make friends. Made quite a few acquaintances and one friend.I will speak about her later. But now, I just wanted to … More Trust?

Feeling Blue

Hi y’all. Written below is an assignment I wrote in my class about the projector that hangs in my classroom. Let me know how y’all like it . Cheers. Kavya. “Dear Air-conditioner on my right, I just felt like sharing something with you. Somehow I feel you will understand what I am going through. I … More Feeling Blue


Hi y’all. Emptiness surrounds me. It fills my thoughts. It fills what I feel. It fills my day and it fills my night. I have no clue why. I ┬ámiss my parents, my brother and my grandparents. I miss my uncle and my friends. I miss the familiar roads, the known language and my city. … More EMPTY.