Be kind.

Be kind. No matter what you face, No matter how others treat you, Be kind. People may spit on you, Break you, step on you, Be kind. Situations may corner you, Bad things might happen, Be kind. You will get cheated, You will get threatened Your trust will be broken Be kind. People will talk, … More Be kind.

I hate change.

Dear friend from the past. You changed. I can see it, or you have always been the same and I am just noticing it now.  I have been the one to struggle with being me, vocally struggle. You always appear so strong though whenever I share you agree that you feel the same. Why won’t … More I hate change.


Hi y’all. I want to have this conversation with someone, where we speak of our dreams. Where we speak of our passion. To be something in the years to come. I want to have a conversation with someone where I am me. Where they accept me with all my demons. I want to have a … More Conversations.

You, my dear.

We don’t talk anymore Not really, we don’t. We don’t smile anymore Not really we don’t. The light in your eyes Has disappeared into the void. The ideas that burnt Have gone away into the ground. Your love, my dear has changed Your care, my love has been misplaced. Come back, will you. Come back … More You, my dear.

My Kalam

Hi. Yesterday was an extremely sad day. One of my idols passed away. Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the former President of India and so much more. This man loved students and loved being a teacher. I remember trying to meet him last year for my college association related activity. I got a … More My Kalam


Vanakam ! What does Vanakam mean?? It means hi or hello or welcome in *Tamil* which is my native language. OK, so there is something y’all should know about me, I call myself impatient but.. I am not. I wait for people for a huge amount of time, I am patient with every single person’s … More Patience.

3 more days.

Hi y’all. As y’all already know I got into the college that I really wanted to get into and I am moving out of my house to a hostel for a year. In three days I will not be in my home any more for about an year. Am I excited ? Yesss. But I … More 3 more days.